RIR Meeting #9 February-March 2020

February 29 @ 9:30 am – March 2 @ 1:00 pm

Do you think you qualify as an ELITE real estate investor?

Do you want the opportunity to join the most exclusive group of real estate entrepreneurs that collaborate and share winning real estate strategies and industry best practices?

There is NO OTHER group in the country like the Real Investor Roundtable “RIR

RIR is built to bring together experienced like-minded real estate investors so they can share ideas, practices and strategies for long term success.

Real Investor Roundtable is the only group in the country that covers the core topics that matter the most to Elite Real Estate investors who are building real estate platforms. Some of the topics we cover are:

Topics Included:

• Housing economics from the experts
• Practical & Real Best Practices in all aspects of your real estate business
• Raising & Managing capital
• Acquisition & Disposition Strategies
• Corporate Structure & Tax Strategy
• Domestic & Offshore Staffing
• Real Estate tools that leverage your business
• Landlording & Property Management
• Technology & Data
• Alternative Real Estate Strategies

We are excited to announce the next invitation-only Mastermind event will be held Saturday, February 29th – Monday, March 2nd, 2020 at the Westin Dallas Downtown!

Domonic D. Purviance serves as a Senior Financial Specialist within the Supervision and Regulation division at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Domonic is primarily responsible for conducting an ongoing assessment of risks associated with residential real estate markets and the potential impacts they may pose to the financial system. This includes analyzing conditions within individual markets as well as the impacts of external forces on real estate. In addition, Domonic is responsible for developing real estate related analytical reports and tools utilized throughout the Federal Reserve System to aid in risk surveillance and banking supervision. Domonic will be sharing his insights as the senior financial specialist at the Federal Reserve as it pertains to single-family real estate and the various markets we operate in.

There were NO fake presenters from people trying to sell you old information!

Fred Lewis
The Dominion Group

We founded the Real Investor Roundtable “RIR” to bring together the nation’s elite real estate investors to share strategies and practices to build, sustain, and protect wealth generated through real estate investing. RIR is the place where serious and experienced investors network and collaborate.The focus is on actionable content and real time topics that are critical to your real estate business.

Dennis Cisterna
Guardian Residential

The Real Investor Roundtable is unlike any other event in the SFR investment sector. This event shines a light on the tough issue investors have to face to succeed in today’s market and answer them by bringing experienced professionals together to work in a collaborative fashion. I can’t think of another event where I walk away with more practical knowledge to apply to my business.

If you’re ready to optimize your real estate business, this high-level industry leading real estate Mastermind is focused on content and sharing best practices. RIR continues to have a substantial impact on our member’s businesses.


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