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It was a humbling experience attending the Real Investor Round Table in Dallas. I’ve heard of these types of masterminds in the past and really wasn’t sure what to expect. Immediately, I could tell that there were strong bonds and friendships among the members. The collaborative culture that Fred and Jack have developed made it easy for people to feel comfortable contributing to the conversations and even leading the sessions from the front of the room.

Benson Juarez


RIR is something I look forward to attending every quarter and has had a tremendous impact on the growth and continued success of my business. The members are open and willing to share about business techniques, technology and programs. Each time I attend I am able to learn something new from the speakers, as well as the other members, and implement it into my business. Also, being a member for a couple of years now, I feel true camaraderie amongst the members. I am certain this is the best mastermind group for high level real estate professionals.

Irfan Raza

Raza Homes-Philadelphia, PA

We’ve never been in a group of more success. The relationships we’ve created have made a significant impact to our business and it’s clear that everyone’s intent is to grow and help others do the same. Chris Uhler

Sixty Forty Group

What makes RIR unique from other mastermind groups is how densely packed the session days are with quality information.  The goal of each session is to get to the facts as quickly as possible and share information that will elevate everybody in the room.  RIR consists of high level operators who are not afraid to speak their minds and call speakers out on their bullshit, because of this, the room remains honest and focused.  I walked out of RIR with a list of actionable items that would have immediate impact on my business, a better understanding of the state of the market/current trends, and new friends in the same industry as me who I can bounce ideas off at any time.  

Pat Flynn


In a nutshell, RIR Mastermind challenges my brain. I have to come ready to both learn and contribute, or get lost…and, I need that kind of accountability. I have endless options for masterminds that will expose me to new things that are exciting, but ultimately, end up being a distraction. Real Investor Roundtable is a mastermind made up of investors at the top of their game, who challenge me to take a hard look at what I’m currently doing, and empower me with the necessary market knowledge, education, and tools to be better.

Christina Krause


The Real Investor Roundtable is unlike any other event in the SFR investment sector. This event shines a light on the tough issue investors have to face to succeed in today’s market and answer them by bringing experienced professionals together to work in a collaborative fashion. I can’t think of another event where I walk away with more practical knowledge to apply to my business.

Dennis Cisterna

CEO, Guardian Residential

I’m very pleased to be part of the RIR. The content provided by guest speakers is extremely high quality and interaction with other group members is invaluable. RIR has definitely had a positive impact on my business. Kyle Mokhtarian

KMS Enterprises, LLC

RIR has its finger on the pulse of every facet of residential investing and brings to light information and topics that help keep us on top. The members at RIR are the best in class, high level operators; good people who are willing to share what’s working and what’s not for the benefit of the room. RIR brings in top notch speakers with fresh and relevant information, ideas that we can take home and implement to make our business better. Dan Lain

TN Homebuyers

The group and culture at RIR is extremely unique in that the people sitting

in the room are operators.  The fact that there it is a not for profit, there aren’t

marketers in the room, it is a pure play real estate investment information sharing

environment with a truly curated group speaks volumes.  Raw, real, legitimate. Chris Richter

Co-Founder, Audantics

We love the RIR mastermind meetings.  There are a lot of super successful real estate investors in the group from around the country.  We really enjoy hearing the stories from other investors about how they are growing their business and what is working for them.  When we go to real estate events we hope to leave with at least one tip or strategy that we can take home and implement in our business.  When we leave the RIR mastermind we typically leave with 5 or 6 things and the challenge is deciding which one to implement this quarter.

Bryan Schroeder