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About RIR

The Real Investor Roundtable (RIR) was founded for the experienced  real estate investor, who is actively buildingsustaining and protecting a real estate business. We do NOT cater to real estate marketing companies, educators, or podcasters.

If you fix and flip more than 20 deals a year, own 75 rental properties or more and/or have built a real estate business around an alternative strategy then this elite group may be for you!

Many conferences, masterminds and meetups lack true content and high level networking. RIR solves that problem, it is a place serious and highly experienced real estate investors meet to network, learn and share. The focus is on actionable content around building, sustaining, and protecting the wealth that you have fought to generate through your real estate investment businesses. Each meeting will cover crucial topics such as raising & optimizing capital, optimizing technology, managing construction, implementing operational best practices, establishing the right corporate structure, employing tax strategies, and much, much more!!!

Membership is highly limited and by invitation ONLY. This RIR mastermind group is NOT about making more for me or my partner. As a matter of fact, RIR is a non-profit so we can keep membership dues low, content high, and impact OFF THE CHARTS.


  • Alternative RE Strategies
  • Source of Inventory
  • Micro / Macro Market Data
  • Market Selections & Incentives
  • Rental / Flip Economics
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Raising Capital 


  • Operational Best Practices
  • Staffing / Outsourcing
  • Dashboard: Metrics & KPI’s
  • Tech, APP & Data
  • Contruction Management
  • Property Management
  • Optimizing Cost of Capital


  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounting / Advisory
  • Corporate Structure
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Mitigation / Compliance
  • Tax Strategy
  • Insurance


Fred Lewis

Fred Lewis founded The Dominion Group in 2002The Dominion Group is comprised of nine operating companies and five business segments. Dominion’s rental holding companies contain about 700 single family rental units in the Baltimore Metro. Dominion Properties is a construction company that is responsible for over 100 renovation or wholesale projects per year. Dominion Financial is a private lending company that provides financing to seasoned investors across 49 states nationwide. Dominion Financial entities originated over $180 Million in calendar year 2019 to investors seeking fast, high service and reliable financing for short term fix and flip projects, long term 30 year rental loans, ground up construction projects, and small multi-family projects.

Dominion Management is a specialized property management company that manages over 825 SFRs in the Baltimore Metro. Dominion Insurance is a captive insurance company and private lender to real estate investors. Fred provides daily strategic oversight in all The Dominion Group companies with a special focus on mentoring team members and building capital/financing relationships. Fred is also a Director on the Board of Capital Bank of Maryland and is the founder of the Real Investor Roundtable “RIR”.

Jack BeVier

Jack BeVier has been a Partner at The Dominion Group since 2008. Since joining the Dominion Group, Jack has worked in nearly every aspect of Dominion’s businesses including acquisitions, construction, property management, marketing, sales, business development and finance. Jack has been responsible for over 2,000 single family real estate investment deals and has helped make Dominion Financial Services a nationally recognized private lender to experienced real estate investors across the Country.   Jack is the lead partner in running Dominion’s operation with a strong focus on creating processes, best practices, and efficiencies. Jack takes lead in incorporating the newest technologies that supports Dominion’s mission as a leader in the industry and is most proud of the many customers he has helped become successful.   Jack is also the co-founder of Baltimore’s non-profit organization, the Small Developer’s Collective and an active member of the Real Investor Roundtable.

Board Advisors

Dennis Cisterna

Dennis Cisterna III currently serves as the CEO of Guardian Residential, guiding the firm’s investment strategy and growth. One of the most well-known executives in the SFR investment sector, he previously served as the CEO of Investability Solutions, a vertically integrated service provider to institutional real estate investors. Prior to Investability Solutions, he was Managing Director of FirstKey Lending, where he completed the first ever multi-borrower securitization in the SFR sector and led their origination team to more than $600 Million in closed loans in less than two years. Prior to FirstKey, he was an SVP at Johnson Capital, where he worked with Blackstone to create B2R Finance, another top lending firm in the SFR rental sector. Dennis has completed more than $3 Billion in real estate transactions including more than $750 Million within the SFR investment sector.

Danny Kattan

Danny Kattan is a Principal with Property Investment Advisors (PIA) a real estate investment company now focusing on multi-family properties. PIA has been purchasing SFRs since 2009 but recently sold its entire SFR portfolio to an institutional buyer in 2018. Danny is the founder of Idea Group and has been instrumental in the launch of an internet services company, an advanced telecommunications company, and a biotechnology company. Also, Danny is the director of “Shiny Objects” of the Real Investor Roundtable (RIR).

Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell is the Founder of Rocket Station. Rob started his career as an entrepreneur in real estate. He perfected a series of systems and processes that helped launch him to the forefront of the industry. He recognized that countless investors and entrepreneurs could benefit from his workflows and proven systems — and that started with having a rock star team in place. Robert has been helping businesses grow and scale leveraging virtual assistants since 2013 with the founding of Rocket Station. Robert continues to propel Rocket Station forward with his innovative thinking, extensive experience, and entrepreneurial spirit.